National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day

Cream-filled Chocolates

This topic is apropos for a day like today. Me, I would prefer something like beer or ribeye day, but chocolates are more appropriate. 

Cream-filled chocolates come in multiple shapes, sizes and flavors and the basics behind them are they are chocolate shells filled with some kind of fluff, nougat, liquid or other fillings. But, what about the chocolates’ Valentine’s Day partner, the heart-shaped box? Who came up with that packaging?

The answer: The English.

In the mid-1800s, Valentine’s Day became the rage of the English Empire. Naturally prudish, the Victorian Age English found a release in showering their betrothed with elaborate gifts, ornate cards, rich chocolates, velvet hearts and flying cherubs. English Master Chocolatier, Richard Cadbury, recognized a great opportunity to further his confection empire and began to offer his world-renowned chocolates in “love-themed” lavishly-decorated boxes, including a heart-shaped box. The boxes were designed not only to transport the luscious candies of love, but also served as a way to store other mementos of the love between two people. The boxes were so well made that several exist today and are considered family heirlooms or have been placed in museums.

Share the love today with the ones close to your heart and send them some cream-filled chocolates in a heart-shaped box.


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